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Three Keys to Raising Godly Kids: Intro

Three Keys to Raising Godly Kids: Intro


You watch them grow up so stinking fast and are amazed at where the time has gone. One day you’re watching your little one learn to walk and then next thing you know they’re asking you for the keys to your car to go look for a job. I remember, when my first child was born, being told so many times to “enjoy it, it goes by so quickly.” “I know, I know.” I often said, oblivious to the truth that they were sharing. My oldest is only five years old but I can already attest to the validity of all of those well meaning people. Time does fly by. And at an overwhelmingly ever increasing pace. It seems that every year gets shorter and with each child, every stage comes quicker.

I wonder if the rate at which our kids are growing is what causes so many of us to set the wrong priorities in raising our children. We see them getting bigger every day and learning more and more each day so we respond by trying as hard as we can to enjoy each moment. We want our kids to be happy, to enjoy every moment so that our time is well spent. It’s not so important what we do to make them happy as long as they’re not upset. Our intentions are so doggone good. We want our kids to enjoy their lives and have the things we never had the opportunity to have so we give. We give them what they ask for, we give in to get them to stop whining, we give up on teaching them certain things because it’s such a struggle. I truly feel myself giving in or giving up so much more than I think is healthy. Do you?

I know that telling people how to raise their kids is a no no. I’m confident that many things I’ll discuss on this site will bring me email after email asking “How dare you?” That’s fine; I don’t mind because I’m so confident that God has something to say to the families of His church and that this something is crucial to the future of the Church, the future of our faith, and the future of our families. It can’t be stressed enough. I can’t overemphasize the importance of the sentence God is laying on my heart concerning the parents of our culture:

“We are not called to raise happy children and teenagers but to raise them to be adults who are WHOLE IN CHRIST.”

It’s a powerful statement. We know its true and that it’s good but for some reason our motto remains: “I just want my kids to be happy, to have what I didn’t have.” We live in a world that tells us everyday to get what you want to get so you can be happy. We believe it for ourselves so we have the TV and the car and the motorcycle and the boat and the list goes on and on. Our children are no different. “What sweetie? You want a cellphone? But you’re only eight years old…well, if all your friends have one I guess we’ll see what we can do.” Seriously!? This attitude of “keeping up with the Jones’” has developed a culture of selfishness and greed and a society full of young adults who want everything handed to them on a silver platter.

We’re Christians, we want different results than the world. We want our kid’s to be Godly, to make a difference in the world and set an example for their friends. But if we long for different results why do we raise our children using the exact same methods the world uses?

Over the next few posts I will be sharing what scriptures tell us are the three main keys to raising Godly kids. I’m not a formula person or a “Have new kids by next week.” kind of guy but I truly believe there are three things that God’s word tells us need to change in order to see our children become adults who are whole in Christ. We are called to be different, we try to be different in every aspect of our lives, why should how we handle our children be any different? I submit that it shouldn’t.


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