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Colt And Kasey have served in ministry together for nearly a decade at the Gospel Hour in Branson, MO. Their passion and heart’s cry is to see God raise up a generation that is desperate and hungry for the presence of God.  They, in association with the Sam Stauffer of the Gospel Hour in Branson, as well as ministry partner Brian Duvall, have formed aLive and the aLiveLife in effort to bring the churches of the city of Branson together to reach this lost and hurting world.  

Colt And Kasey live in Branson, MO with their 3 children. Colt also works as a musician  as well as a music producer in various shows and projects around Branson.  Together, Colt and Kasey enjoy producing music, raising their children and indulging in the occasional movie marathon.  




The Desperate Servant

The Switchup    


The Tragedy of Lethargy





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